Tarifvertrag pflege diakonie hessen

If, for example, junior research group leaders take over a project with more research responsibility, they are usually also classified in a higher pay band. It is theoretically possible for a research assistant to receive a lower salary than previously, as they would actually be required to start again at Experience level 1. However, the collective agreements stipulate that this should never happen, and that staff should be transferred to a higher level of experience with at least the same salary. Aufgabe der Diakonie Hessen ist es, die Interessen der ambulanten Pflege auf fachlicher und politischer Ebene zu vertreten. Dies findet in verschiedenen Gremien, Arbeitsgruppen oder auch in der Liga der Freien Wohlfahrtspflege in Hessen und Rheinland-Pfalz statt. Wir wollen gute Rahmenbedingungen für die ambulanten Pflegedienste schaffen, damit sie die pflegebedürftigen Menschen gut unterstützen können. Aufgrund der hohen Arbeitsverdichtung, Dokumentationsanforderungen und der Finanzierung nach Zeiteinheiten kommen Nähe und Zuwendung häufig zu kurz. Diakonie und Kirche setzen sich dafür ein, dass Beziehungsarbeit in der Pflege berücksichtigt wird. Wir sind das Sprachrohr, um die Anliegen der pflegebedürftigen Menschen und deren Angehörigen sowie der Pflegedienste auf politischer Ebene zu vertreten. Within each pay band, a distinction is made between the levels of professional experience relevant to the individual`s current responsibilities.

Since 2018, six experience levels have applied to all collective bargaining agreements with increasing lengths of time spent at each level. Experience level 1 is reserved for beginners in the respective pay band. Researchers reach Level 2 after just one year, but this period must be within a single employment contract. On the other hand, it takes researchers ten years to reach Level 5. Researchers are employed by a university or research institution, and their salary is set on the basis of a collective agreement. The salary of researchers depends on the relevant professional experience. The civil service collective agreements provide experience levels for this purpose. If you are planning to change to another institution, you should check whether this change would negatively affect your salary. When researchers move to another university or research institution, they do not go back to the start in terms of their level of experience. The relevant professional experience and therefore also the time already spent at the respective level are recognised. However, this must be requested. If the new employer is particularly interested in hiring a specific researcher, they may even be able to negotiate a higher pay band or even move to a higher experience level earlier than scheduled.

Nevertheless, researchers may experience a loss of wages when switching between different collective agreements and levels of experience. It is therefore important to check how this change will affect your salary before switching to another public employer. Researchers usually enter into an employment contract with a university or research institution.